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Talented & Creative individuals

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Job description

Create and execute company’s media exposure strategy, for both conventional and digital channels

Design campaigns and postings for social media platform

Organizing news conferences, partnership launches, and interviews, and creating materials (banners, flyers, etc.) for such events

Writing and distributing press releases to the media to garner coverage

Monitoring the news for mentions of the organization, its product, and key employees such as stakeholders and members of management

Devising a plan to address unfavorable press coverage or misinformation

Drafting emails and memos announcing company news and initiatives

Facilitating group brainstorming sessions and training sessions amongst employees

Managing internal blogs, newsletters, or other publications



Excellent writing, presentation and public speaking skills

Strong analytical skills, and able to communicate with facts and data

Strong in data research and critical thinking

S1 communication degree from a reputable university

Min 5-year experience as corporate communication officer

Job Description 

  • Conduct thorough analysis of financial statements, bank records and verification of underlying transactions
  • Provide recommendations tied to analysis and assessment of credit risk
  • Present analysis, findings, and recommendations to managers, especially findings that involve a borrower’s ability to repay
  • Keep up to date with the company’s lending protocols
  • Reconcile credit files and identify discrepancies and variances 



  • Self-motivated and proactive, ability to work within agreed parameters and deliver to tight timescales in a highly pressured environment
  • Strong quantitative and qualitative analysis skills
  • Proven team working and project management skills
  • Self organisation skills and a demonstrable ability to manage and prioritise a workload in order to meet tight deadlines
  • Strong communication (both written and oral) skills and the ability to produce clear, concise and accurate presentations and written documents
  • Hold S1 degree from a reputable university
  • Min. 12-year experience as credit analyst in banking institutio

Bussiness Development


Job Description

Identify, originate, develop and maintain SME client relationship.

Provide professional lending services to new and existing SME clients.

Ensure proper legal documentation and other requirements are correct and appropriate



Bachelor degree from reputable university.

Minimal 2-year experience banking operations or financial institution.

Familiar with OJK regulations and Fintech business model.

Female are preferred.


Job Description

Manage IT team.

Deliver software engineering projects in organization.

Track outstanding deliverables, milestones and change requests.

Set up development milestones and entry or exit criteria.

Develop product development schedules.

Interlock schedules as plans with participating teams.

Follow project status and modify to mitigate risk and ensure success.

Present regular project status upgrades and future systems development  to executive management.

Classify teams, track schedules and resources for every project.

Track external dependencies and alert customers of issues on missing external dependencies.

Monitor and enhance software development, troubleshooting and QA process.

Liaise between company, customer and several third parties.

Communicate between customer’s management groups and development teams.


Computer science degree from a reputable university

Over 6 years working experience as software developer

Over 5 years working experience as project manager


Proficient in PHP programming language

Experienced in PostgreSQL database system



1. Usia maks 27 Tahun

2. Lebih disukai memiliki pengalaman min 1 tahun sebagai Customer Service di FINTECH atau PERBANKAN

3. Memiliki gelar sarjana dari jurusan apapun dengan IPK min 3,00

4. Lebih disukai bisa berbahasa inggris

5. Memiliki penampilan dan motivasi yang baik dan bersedia bekerja dibawah tekanan dan dapat bekerja sama dengan tim

6. Dapat berkomunikasi dengan baik dan memiliki interpesonal skill


1. Minimal D3 Komputer/Informatika

2. Pengalaman min 10 tahun 

3. Memiliki penampilan dan motivasi yang baik dan bersedia bekerja dibawah tekanan dan bekerja perseorangan atau dengan tim

4. Dapat berkomunikasi dengan baik dan memiliki interpersonal aktif

5. Dapat melakukan analisa secara logika

6. Mengerti trouble shooting komputer

7. Jujur, displin dan bertanggung jawab

8. Programming languange using PHP, Golang, ReactJS, Hybrid, HTML 5, System Analzing, CSS, JQuery, Postgre SQL

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